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Under the links stories (EN) and verhalen (NL) I will post little observations, taken from everyday life, which I simply enjoy writing and sharing with you.

In Life is a song the observations stretch a bit further. It happens to me regularly that I see something happening in the street, or I overhear a snippet of conversation, and a song starts playing immediately against the inside of my skull. Sometimes I can’t figure out why this song is triggered – an atmosphere or a specific timing of something can be enough to press play. At other times it’s a sentence or a single word. The opposite also happens of course: that when I am singing a song, my fantasy runs wild and images, smells, characters enter my thoughts. Occupational hazard, I know.

Life is a song is an attempt to catch these combinations that seem to come from nowhere. I would like to exercise writing them down. Don’t get me wrong: I am not trying to ‘explain’ the songs by adding a narrative or situation. I would diminish their power if I did. The songs hold a whole world in themselves, and each listener will have their own unique and personal experience in listening to them. Then why write them down? To simply share with you how much these songs for me are connected to life in general. And because I sometimes want to remember the beautiful/funny/touching combinations. Because maybe some of you might enjoy reading and listening to them. And to be reminded: in all life is song, in all song is life.